Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Gunpowder Art

Here's a high level description of how to make gunpowder art

1. Pour gunpowder on a hard surface in an area that approximates the size of the piece that is going to be made. 
2. Place your subject on the gunpowder. 
3. Place your masonite board gesso side down, toward the gunpowder. 
4. Secure the board with weight(s). 
5. Light gunpowder with a sufficiently long flame source, allowing you to step back quickly. 
6. Step back quickly. 
7. The gunpowder should burn in about a second and a half. The gunpowder should not explode, it should just go whoosh, with flames shooting out all four sides of your board.
8. Once the fire has gone out, pick up the piece and turn it over to see what has been created. 

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